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We guarantee gratification to our authors and buyers when it comes to the:

 ∙ Publishing and trading of books, newspapers, magazines of every kind, in digital form or in printed form.

 ∙ Creation of photos, predesigned projects, sketches, production of colored materials and creation of movies (typographic material) and creation of maquettes

. Web design and care (redaction/editing) of websites.

 ∙ Digital processing of printed material of any kind. Book translations are also included.

 ∙ Provision of design, organization and maintenance services for processing and management data systems.

 ∙ Provision of internet services. 

 ∙ Trading of computers and any kind of technical products. 

 ∙ Trading of books, every kind of printed material, newspapers, magazines and also the creation of electronic libraries. 

 ∙ Organization of meetings, technical and scientific support of meetings

Design, organization, processing of data and managing and updating of the databases. 

 ∙ Development and maintenance of the necessary software for the aforementioned activity. 

 ∙ Creation of digital bookstores and the promotion and trading/marketing of their products.

 ∙ Foundation, promotion and trade of digital games and web pages

. Advertising through radio, brochures and mass media in both electronic and non-electronic forms.