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We handle the publishing and distribution of electronic book titles in Romanian, Greek and English following 3 simple steps that aim to help you publish your book fast and effectively without discrimination or time consuming procedures and at the lowest cost.

 STEP 1 

Having carefully read and fully agreed to our Terms of Use and Agreement, you have to fill out our electronic Publishing Application Form and then upload the required text files in .txt, .doc, .docx, or .rtf format. If you already have a cover created for the book, it has to be at a minimum of 20 by 10 cm with 300 dpi. 

 STEP 2 

We require that you make a deposit of 270 Euro via the online payment gateway using PayPal. The sum covers the following costs:

 ∙ The ISBN registration for the book. 

∙ The set-up process. 

∙ Establishing electronic formats (.epub, .pdf and .mobi)


Please note, that we apply strict professional printing standards in our electronic editions. Thus there will be no additional charge for the set up of your book’s printed edition as it is the same as the electronic one. 


If you, when filling up the electronic Publishing Application Form, have selected the option of having Copyright Protection by the Intellectual Biblioteca Națională a României, you must deposit an extra amount of 150 Euro. 

Alternatively, you may independently seek to register your own Copyright and send us the Copyright Registration Number. If you wish to have your book cover designed by us, then you will have to deposit an additional amount of 120 Euro. 

As soon as we receive the completed form with the required files for publication of your book, we will initiate the publishing process. Which includes issueing a unique ISBN for the title by Biblioteca Națională a României, polishing and designing your book and its cover (if you choose so), converting the necessary files in .pub, .pdf and .mobi formats and then uploading the complete book for sale on our website. 

Each book will be put up for sale as a compressed file including the three following formats:
∙ MOBI for eBook readers using devices such as Amazon Kindle. 

∙ PDF in case the buyer wants to have a hardcopy of the book printed 

∙ EPUB for most eBook readers out there. 

The price of each title is determined by you and is to be specified while filling up the Publishing Application Form. As shown in our Terms of Use and Agreement, you as the author will get 20% of the net profit from the sales of each book. We set a minimum price of 4 Euros per each eBook set for sale. We highly reccomend you to open and maintain a PayPal account so that your profits can be automatically deposited.
You are solely responsible for adveritisng your eBook in Romania and other countries. We can also advertise your book if it is published by Hephiklis Publications, but at an extra cost.