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We undertake the publications of printed books by writers based in Romania, Greece and Great Britain, in cooperation with large Romanian printing companies, highly experienced in print-on-demand publishing:

In this process, you, the author may print a small number of copies, such as 50/100/150. 

The books will be soft/hardcopy, as is the case with the majority of printed books on the market, while the size, type, color and weight of the paper can be suggested by you. Thus, you save time and money. For us to undertake a printed edition of a book, you should follow the following 6 steps: 


Having carefully read and fully agreed to our Terms of Use and Agreement, you have to fill out our electronic Publishing Application Form and then upload the required text files in .txt, .doc, .docx, or .rtf format. If you already have a cover created for the book, it has to be at a minimum of 20 by 10 cm with 300 dpi. 

 STEP 2 

We require that you make a deposit of 270 Euro via the online payment gateway using PayPal. The sum covers the following costs:
∙ The ISBN registration for the book.
∙ The set-up process.
∙ Establishing electronic formats (.epub, .pdf and .mobi). 


If you, when filling up the electronic Publishing Application Form, have selected the option of having Copyright Protection by the Intellectual Biblioteca Națională a României, you must deposit an extra amount of 150 Euro. Alternatively, you may independently seek to register your own Copyright and send us the Copyright Registration Number. If you wish to have your book cover designed by us, then you will have to deposit an additional amount of 120 Euro. 

 STEP 4 

Upon completion of the set-up process, we will inform you about the printing costs via mail depending on the number of copies and options you have selected. You will receive a written approval of the total cost via mail. 


 Shortly afterwards, you will receive an “unbound” sample of the book to be printed, which will be sent to your stated mail address so that you may fully approve the final printing form of the book and inform us accordingly via email. 


Provided that you fully approve of the final form of the book, you shall deposit in full the already agreed amount covering the relevant printing costs to our bank or PayPal account. This amount will include shipping costs of the printed copies to your stated postal address, as well as the cost of printing and mailing of the first “unbound” inspection copy (sample) of the printed title.