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Do you have a product or service geared toward self-published and/or traditionally published authors looking for additional marketing resources for their books? If so, then     HEPHIKLIS PUBLICATIONS LTD-SRL  is the place to advertise!  

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  • Over   400 monthly visitors.
  • Over   monthly page views.


Advertising Options

  •  350X 180 Rectangle: Displayed in  two places on the site:
    • Top of the page / site wide next to the logo.
    • Bottom of page on the homepage
    • Up to five other spots just below “Find Us on Facebook.”
    • Displayed on all pages of the site. You get 100% of our impressions. Maximum six sponsors at any time.

Get In Touch For Rates and Availability

If you are interested in advertising on Hephiklis Publications Ltd  , send us an email at info@hephiklispublications.com  about the price and  follow the link to make you your advertise