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Hephiklis Publications is an independent publisher of various kinds of literature.

WHAT DO WE MEAN BY “VARIOUS KINDS OF LITERATURE”? We currently have published more than 200 books that have carefully been edited and published by our specialists. And that is why no book published by us is the same. Nowadays anyone can write a book. You can easily put down writing on paper and call it literature, yet it is not. Hephiklis Publications is more than just a publishing house. Our library consists of books published in English, Greek, Romanian and Spanish. Our publications range from comedy pieces to screen plays.

HOW DID WE COME UP WITH HEPHIKLIS PUBLICATIONS? According to Greek Mythology Hephiklis was the son of King Amphitryon and Alcmene and the twin brother of Hercules. Later on, Hephiklis fathered Iolaou who followed Hercules’s accomplishments.

OUR MISSION? We thrive when it comes to customer satisfaction. Every piece of writing by our authors needs to be meaningful to them, and more importantly to us. You write, we take care of the rest. As basic as that. We want to make our customers feel like their book is still theirs yet helping them out on any of their needs. We want your book to be yours; we just publish it.

BOOKS, BOOKS, EBOOKS? Technology nowadays allows us to publish our books not just on hardcopy, but also digitally. And why is that good? Selling anything online is now easier than ever. We publish most of our books digitally so anyone, wherever, whenever at any time can immediately have access to our lovely books without having to wait for delivery.

OUR PRINTING PROCEDURE? Trust us, it is a long process. But in basics we talk with our authors and walk them through the process of publishing. From draft text to a published hardcopy, we go through a lot. We do not rush, we succeed. We do not choose the cheap way out. Our printing cost are at a low cost but at the highest quality. We print with companies we trust.